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What exactly is a PowerBall?

No existing instrument today delivers the same unique dynamic exercise as the PowerBall does. The PowerBall is a hand sized gyroscope which operates by rotating your hands, wrists or arms. The weight of the rotor gets increased with the centrifugal force released by the rotation. In other words: the faster you spin the PowerBall, the heavier the exercise gets.

Whether you want to train at the top of your capabilities, or if you want to comfortably alleviate an injury: the PowerBall Spinner delivers exactly what you need. Next to that, the various aspects of our different models also make it the most desirable gadget you have ever seen: fantastic light shows, incredible speeds or brute force, equipped with an optional smart, battery-free digital counter capable of measuring all needful metrics and high scores you would like to keep. It does all this while being powered by the movement of your hand.

For whom is the PowerBall?

In 15 years time we've gathered quite an extensive and diversive userbase. Covering gadget-lovers to surgery recoverees, and pro-sporters to musical professionals: Everyone who works with, or relies on, the use of their fingers, hands, wrists and arms will find an excellent exercise in the PowerBall Spinner.

Read up on our reviews to get convinced by other customers. Next to the beneficial health aspects of the PowerBall, it also lends itself perfectly as the 'smart and useful present': never a misplaced or mistaken gift, success is guaranteed! Also for your business or brand: the PowerBall Spinner is the ultimate promotional gift. Leave a lasting impression with your customers combined with our customisable personalisation options.

Ask us for the possibilities. To ease the selection process of the most suitable PowerBall for your preferences, we've created a shopping assistant to quickly identify our most suitable products for you.

The PowerBall Spinner

With the original patents filed decades ago: who hasn't ever come across the PowerBall these days? That doesn't mean development is stopping. What really differentiates us from other PowerBall manufacturers is the 'unbreakable' patented rotor protection mechanism. Where all other brands of PowerBalls suffer the same problem of wear and tear, and not to mention the 'drop it and break it' deficiency, the PowerBalls manufactured by NSD in our product range have been equipped with the Indestructiball™ mechanism. That exactly is what it is all about: a silky smooth operation of our PowerBall Spinners. Please compare PowerBalls you find on the internet carefully, and especially notice the shock resisting properties, you will surely regret a poor choice going for the cheapest (chinese knock-offs) or oldest (pb-188) models. In our catalogue you can easily search for the respective models that do have the shockproof capabilities, or you can simply click here for a full overview.

Haven't we convinced you yet? We invite you to take a look at our video's and blog posts about this 'unbreakable design' here in our knowledgebase, or investigate the different brands of PowerBalls.

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